Our Mission Objective

Chronic Pain Toronto Mission

Is to reduce and prevent pain, pain-related issues, as well as the suffering and disability by sharing evidenced-based resources, community initiatives and information. Our objective is to collaborate with like minded organizations, all levels of government, patients & physicians alike to help those who suffer navigate through the healthcare system.’

Chronic Pain Toronto Values

We are determined to work together with groups, professionals & individuals to share the latest information and research on both the reduction and prevention of pain, pain-related suffering and issues.
Knowledge is our greatest power. We believe in sharing resources, research, techniques and information to allow people to make well informed decisions about their healthcare, as well as resources for employers and health care professionals.
We use our ability to reach out to another to offer compassion. Understanding the interlocking issues is the first step to living with pain, impairments and disability. We are committed to sharing extensive resources with the patients, public, health care professionals, employers and employees.
Integrity is built on trust and transparency. We strive to maintain confidentiality, act responsibly and bring credibility to our work.

Chronic Pain Toronto Goals
  • Improve the information and options with health services & health care treatments available for chronic pain.
  • To allow patients, families, employers & others to make informed decisions about prevention, reduction & management of pain, pain-related suffering & issues.
  • To provide honest, science and evidence-based resources.
  • Provide our members with updated relevant research.
  • To increase communication among researchers, health professionals and policy makers.