“I contacted Chronic Pain Toronto in May of this year as I was looking for assistance in developing a more comprehensive treatment plan for my fibromyalgia (FM) and chronic myofascial pain (CMP). I developed FM and CMP in October 2011 after a sport’s injury and feel that I had been under-treated by the health care system for the majority of this duration; I did not get a definitive diagnosis until January 2013.
After an initial phone conversation with Kevin, we had an in-person consultation to:
• Discuss my medical history in detail
• Look over my current treatment plan
• Develop an intake form summarizing this information that I would later share with my doctors
• Explore various treatment options to compliment my current plan
Following our consultation, Kevin connected me to some very compassionate doctors that have aided me greatly on my path to recovery. The waiting times to see these doctors were very reasonable. He called me on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to see how I was progressing and to offer his emotional support. He also advised me on how to be an effective advocate for my own health care. When I was experiencing a terrible flare-up in August and my parents were out of town, he visited my house in order to support me.
When I first met Kevin, I could tell right away that he genuinely cared a lot for my health and well-being. He has been very receptive to my needs and has helped me develop a more positive outlook on life; all while dealing with his own chronic pain.
The treatment plan that Kevin and I developed together has been very effective; I have felt noticeable improvements in my health from month-to-month since our initial consultation.