“Good Afternoon Marc, I wanted to take the time to nominate Kevin Hall for your board. I have known Kevin for several years. He is dedicated and enthusiastic and I believe will make a great addition to your board. Kevin was an institutional trader of many years until he was hit by a car in 2008 and has suffered with chronic pain since. He spent years bedridden; motivated on health and wellbeing he became a patient advocate with CPT for 3 years. Kevin now runs Chronic Pain Toronto providing support groups, National Pain Awareness Week events for patients, 1:1 patient support, Education and awareness in pain management both for physicians and patients & Comprehensive intake and referral service to pain management resources including clinicians. He is currently opening a comprehensive multidisciplinary pain management clinic. Kevin is open minded in alternative treatments and fights for patients’ rights. He has established comprehensive planning committees including Dr Roman Jovey and Dr Kevin Rod and is planning an educational symposiums in chronic pain management for physicians. I hope you consider Kevin as a good choice.”